How to cook pasties and jam tarts and bread

This is how you cook cheese pasties.
1st you make the dough.
2nd you roll the dough.
3rd you cut the dough into a circle.
4th put the cheese mixture on the pastry.

This is how you make bread .
1st you get loads of sticky stuff
2nd you slap onto a table so it gets really airy. it can’t break
3rd put into a bowl and make it a bit marshy
4th smoothen it
5th wait a few minetes
6th put loads of fork holes into in
7th poke a hole into the bread just so the air can get into it and that’s how to make bread.

I enjoyed making these foods because they were going to be delicious. Everyone likes eating and most kids have never cooked and it’s been a big experience for every one that has never cooked and everyone likes the smell of the wonderful delights.

food in the mine

Today we made some bread and cheese pasties and some jam tarts

To make some bread You need some dough made with flour, salt , sugar and  yeast.

to make a cheese pasty you need some pastry, cheese and 

egg yoke 

To make JAM TARTS you need leftover pastry and a tin and some JAM

my favrite part was the bread because it was all mucky and messy


School hobbies

At school I like doing maths,English,French,handwriting and PE.

In English I like doing class presentations,Nearpod lessons,doing the long write,guided reading and spelling tests.

On the iPads I like playing maths board,king of maths,times tables quiz,sushi monsters and much more.

In golden time I like playing outside,playing on the iPads,playing board games and many more.

At lunch time I like eating my dinner,playing on the field/playground and going to Rachel’s lunch time club.

At break time I like playing hide and seek,tag,Minecraft and more.

In PE I like doing football,races,rounders and doing the long jump.

That is all what I like at school.Bye bye! I hope you have enjoyed this post on my school hobbies.